The General Counsel’s Playbook for Working with Cybersecurity Consultants

by R.M. Gerard, Carbon Black, Inc. | The Crypsis Group | 02/12/2019

In today’s business and legal environment, corporate counsel plays a critical role when their company experiences a data security incident. General Counsels (GC) can no longer profess ignorance on “tech stuff” and pass the buck to Information Technology (IT). The frequency, sophistication, and severity of cybercrimes continues to increase. Every enterprise possesses sensitive information. When that information is compromised the door opens to a range of liability issues.

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Tuning in to Silent Cyber
A Q&A with Scott Stransky of AIR Worldwide

The exposures associated with cyber incidents and losses reach far and wide, including a whole category of risk called “silent cyber.” With traditional policies offering ambiguous coverage for cyber events, insurers and their insureds face a significant amount of gray area for these risks, which have now become commonplace. To better understand silent cyber and what can be done about it, we talked to Scott Stransky, vice president and director of emerging risk modeling at AIR Worldwide.

05/07/19 | Junto Plus

HHS Breach Data

Number Reported: 1928

Latest Incident
Capital Nephrology
# of Records:
Type of Breach:
Hacking/IT Incident