Malicious Activity by Iranian Cyber Group Emennet Pasargad

Other | 01/26/2022

This Private Industry Notice provides a historical overview of Iran-based cyber company Emennet Pasargad’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to enable recipients to identify and defend against the group’s malicious cyber activities. On 20 October 2021, a grand jury in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York indicted two Iranian nationals employed by Emennet Pasargad (formerly known as Eeleyanet Gostar) for computer intrusion, computer fraud, voter intimidation, interstate threats, and conspiracy offenses for their alleged participation in a multi-faceted campaign aimed at influencing and interfering with the 2020 US Presidential Election. In addition, the Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control designated Emennet along with four members of the company’s management and the two indicted employees for attempting to influence the same election. The Department of State’s Rewards for Justice Program also offered up to $10 million for information on the two indicted actors.

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