Ninth Annual - Data Breach Preparedness Study

Experian Data Breach Resolution | 03/01/2022

The Ninth Annual Study: Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach? sponsored by Experian®

Data Breach Resolution and conducted by Ponemon Institute tracks the state of data breach preparedness on an annual basis. In this year’s research, we explore the value of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and crisis management plans to minimizing the consequences of a data breach. BCM plans involve systems to prevent and respond to a data breach. In addition to prevention and response, the goal is to enable ongoing operations before and during the resolution of the data breach. The purpose of a crisis management plan is to provide guidance on how organizations should respond in a crisis such as a data breach and how to reduce the long-term damage. The number one crisis covered is a cyberattack (46 percent of respondents) followed by data breaches (44 percent of respondents).

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