Threats We're Seeing - 2019

by Other | The Crypsis Group | 01/30/2019

With cyber criminals having impacted millions of people and businesses in 2018, we wish we could say that cyber security threats have now passed their peak. But we can’t. The ongoing development of information technologies is moving more of business and everyday life into the online world, thus exposing an ever-increasing volume of what we do to a realm where hackers, cyber thieves, and other nefarious actors are on the move — continually upgrading their capabilities and looking for the next opportunity to strike.

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eDiscovery and Data Breaches

When used in the wake of a data breach, eDiscovery tools can help companies manage their legal and regulatory risks through the inventory of compromised sensitive information. At the Net Diligence Cyber Risk Summit, we spoke to Carolyn Purwin Ryan of Cipriani & Werner and Larry Brown of Epiq about how these technologies help companies improve both incident response and litigation readiness.

08/22/19 | Junto Plus

HHS Breach Data

Number Reported: 1928

Latest Incident
Capital Nephrology
# of Records:
Type of Breach:
Hacking/IT Incident