Protect Your Company From a Data Breach

Is your company protected from a data breach?

When it does happen, what will you do to protect your confidential company and customer information?

Buchanan BreachCoach® is your one-stop portal for cybersecurity information and updates. This portal offers resources such as risk management calculators, white papers and webinars, relevant news and articles, and incident response checklists and tools.

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Data breaches cost about $4 million*

*According to IBM's 2016 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study

Free Data Breach Cost Calculator

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Important Information: The numbers presented in the NetDiligence® Data Breach Cost Calculator are estimates and provided for education and illustration purposes only. Actual expenses and liability exposures due to identity theft or data breach incident may vary based on variables not considered in this calculator. Numerical results presented in the Data Breach Cost Calculator are based on a proprietary formula developed by NetDiligence and its insurance industry partners. This formula takes into account information available in the public domain and information obtained through various websites that track breach statistics. Please note: This calculator is not intended to predict insurable perils or related costs and has no bearing on any insurance policy.