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CIS provides cyber liability coverage, and this eRiskHub® resource, as an added benefit for members that have Liability Coverage. Standard coverage has a $5,000 deductible (unless your entity has a higher deductible, aggregate deductible, or participates in a retro program) and provides a maximum limit of $50,000. Members may purchase limits in excess of $50,000, up to $1 million. In the event of a data breach, please submit all claims to claimspl@cisoregon.org.

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Junto Plus

A Q&A with Bill Siegel of Coveware

Given the prevalence and sophistication of ransomware—not to mention the financial stakes involved in these exploits—it’s no longer wise to leave delicate negotiations to internal staff. We spoke to Coveware’s CEO and cofounder Bill Siegel about the nuances involved in handling threat actors and why having data at the ready can better inform a company’s decision-making

04/10/19 | Junto Plus