COMPREHENSIVE Approach to Data Breach Prevention and Response

Help mitigate your clients' loss exposures and provide superior service by offering a full suite of educational and technical resources that can assist in the prevention of IT and cyber losses and support them in responding quickly and efficiently once an incident occurs.

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How Do Clients Use the eRiskHub Portal?

  • Obtain assistance responding to an incident
  • Evaluate current level of cyber risk
  • Estimate the cost of a breach
  • Download forms and other tools
  • Find highly specialized resources
  • Keep up with the latest data breach news
  • Learn from e-risk articles and best-practices whitepapers

The eRiskHub Standard is loaded with features, including an Incident Roadmap, News Center, Learning Center, Directory of Third-Party Resources, and a variety of Risk Manager Tools. Check out the sample version of our popular Data Breach Cost Calculator.

This platform is mobile-friendly, customizable and can be fully branded for your company. Contact us today to learn how you can provide this valuable resource to your clients.

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